Having a healthy green and lush lawn can enhance the beauty of your living space. A wrecked and ugly looking lawn should quickly be fixed in order to make your living space beautiful. Browse through this article to learn easy lawn care tips and how you can fix your lawn.

Take A Soil Test

Chronic lawn issues like thinning, browning, and wilting are caused due to poor soil condition. Take a soil test with the help of a soil tester kit. This test kit will help you measure the moisture, light, and pH levels of your soil. You can use these measurements to determine whether the soil condition is ideal for healthy grass growth, or whether the soil needs improvement.

Beneficial Bugs

Bugs and insects like fleas, grubs, caterpillars, can cause huge havoc in your lawn. You can either use pesticides to get rid of the harmful insects, or you can use an effective, natural method to improve the quality of your lawn. Release beneficial bugs like nematodes into your landscape. These microscopic and translucent bugs hunt and eliminate over 230 different kinds of fleas and insects, cause no harm to your plants or pets.

Get Rid of The Weed

Lawn weeds can easily turn a lush green garden into a ragged space. Getting rid of the weed by removing it manually is one old and time-consuming way. For the best results, invest in a weeder that helps you get rid of the troublesome weed. Its stainless-steel claws pull out the weed by the root, enabling you to remove it completely, without any hassle.

Cover the Patches with Stepping Rocks

You can easily cover the bare, patchy grass with some garden accessories, like stepping stones. These stones will easily disguise ugly grass while adding a fun decorative element to your lawn. The best thing about these rocks is they are comfortable for walking, which allows you to turn these stones into a pathway through your lawn.

Spike Shoes for Gardening

Invest in wearable tools like spike shoes. These shoes have spikes underneath which help you poke holes into the ground as you walk to improve air and water circulation in your garden soil. You can easily strap them to the bottom of any sneaker and mow your ground.

Keep Your Lawn Safe from Your Pets

Keep your pets away from playing all around in the lawn. In order to keep your grass beautiful and healthy, establish a pet station in the corner of your lawn, and train your dog to use a strip of fake grass.

Get rid of the Thatch

A dead grass-like structure called Thatch can build up in your garden, which can provide beneficial nutrients to your lawn, but too much of the thatch can obstruct the grass growth. You can either remove it manually or use a Dethatcher to get the job done quickly and effectively. 

Fertilize your lawn

Consistently feed your lawn with healthy nutrients so that your lawn becomes healthy and lush again. Use best quality grass fertilizers which strengthens your lawn to endure all kinds of problems. A regularly fertilized lawn absorbs water and nutrients better than a garden that doesn’t get any fertilizer.

Lawn Care Professionals Australia

Fixing a lawn requires a lot of effort and time. If you are unable to fix your lawn yourself, consult with a lawn care expert who has the know-how of lawn care and is experienced in fixing wrecked lawns. If you are looking for lawn care professionals in Australia, get in touch with Express Mowing today. We offer top-notch lawn care services to both residential and commercial properties. Book your free consultation now.