The spring season is here, and soon it will be time for the hot summer season. Your garden requires special care during the dry summer heat. Hence, it is necessary to prepare your lawn for the summer season. Scroll through the article to learn how to keep your garden ready for summer.

Clear up your lawn

The clear and calm spring season is perfect for cleaning up your garden. Before the summer begins, get rid of all the weeds, dead plants; and mow the grass. Pick away dead flowers and shrubs to promote healthy growth and keep them looking attractive. For your trees, get rid of all the dead and broken branches. Once you clean your garden and shape your trees, make your soil ready for gardening. Enhance the quality of your soil by adding a top layer of manure or compost.

Plan everything beforehand

Write down a plan for your garden. List down all the activities and supplies you require for preparing your garden for the summer. Search on the internet and get an idea of the equipment and seeds you are planting in your garden. Consult a lawn care professional near you to grow your plant from seed or maintain your garden for your convenience.

Prepare your garden tools

Take out all your garden tools and clean them with soap and water. Treat the wooden handles with mineral spirits as it prevents wooden handles from breakage. Once your garden tools are clean and prepared, you are ready to plant new seeds this summer.

Perfect time to plant

If you like to grow your fruits and vegetables in your garden, now is the right time to plant summer seeds. You can grow vegetables like green beans, celery, and cucumber. Don’t forget to fertilize your flowering plants and vegetables once a week with organic fertilizers, and harvest them regularly.

Set-up a water system

It is important to build an efficient water system in your garden. You can install a water butt or go for rainwater harvesting. Water butts cut down the water bill and save all those endless trips from the water source to the garden to bring water. You can also install a water sprinkler system for consistent watering in your garden during the dry, hot weather.

Garden furniture

If you have furniture in your garden, clean them using a power-washer or a scrubbing brush to get rid of the moss and dirt. You can even apply some fresh coats of wood stain or wood paint to give your furniture a new look. You can look online for brand new furniture at an affordable price. When you shop for new garden furniture, don’t forget to get some throws and cushions for your outdoor comfort.

Add some lighting and some shade

Illuminate your garden by adding beautiful lights. You can invest in a solar panel to save money and the environment. Invest in awnings or a garden parasol for adding shade. If you usually attend your guests in the garden, considering a gazebo is a good option.

Built a pathway

Once you complete your garden care, consider building a pathway using flagstones or wooden planks. A garden pathway is easy to build and provides an attractive aesthetic to your lawn.

Professional Lawn Care Service Australia

Preparing your lawn for summer can be a tricky task. The best way is to connect with a lawn care expert who has the know-how of lawn care and has solid experience in fixing wrecked lawns.

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